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Sinomarin® Hypertonic Babies

Sinomarin® Hypertonic Babies is a 100% natural, hypertonic sea water solution that relieves nasal congestion effectively, helping your little one breathe easily in a natural way. It helps thin nasal mucus making it easier to eliminate while cleansing the nasal cavities helping protect from nasal and further upper respiratory infections and complications. Sinomarin® Hypertonic Babies is ideal for babies, both for regular nasal hygiene and congestion relief.

Sinomarin® Hypertonic Babies can also be used in a nebulized form to help enhance respiratory function, in cases of acute bronchiolitis.

Use in cases of

>  Rhinitis (e.g. common cold; flu)

>  Sinusitis

>  Regular nasal hygiene & care

>  Acute bronchiolitis (in nebulized form)

Nasal benefits



Decongests the nose and thins mucus making it easier to eliminate, restoring nasal breathing naturally




Cleanses the nasal cavities carefully & gently, washing out mucus and mucus-trapped impurities (infectious agents, allergens, pollutants, etc) helping to protect from nasal and secondary infections e.g. otitis

Hydrates the nose and helps relieve nasal dryness

Helps restore the  defense natural function of the nose

Respiratory benefits

(for use with a nebulizing device)

Helps enhance respiratory function in cases of bronchiolitis and prevent lower respiratory tract infections​​

Additional benefits

•   100% natural, free from drug substances, additives and preservatives
•   Does not cause drowsiness, habit formation or rebound effect
•   Safe & effective solution for babies
•   Sterile

For nasal and respiratory (with nebuliser) use only; each vial is intended for singe use only; Keep out of reach of children.

Directions for use

1.   Wipe your baby’s nose before using Sinomarin® Hypertonic Babies

2.   Break-off one vial from the strip & twist the tip to open


3.   Place your baby on its back turning its head to the right

4.   Introduce the tip of the vial carefully into the left nostril and squeeze to release the desired quantity


5.   Turn your baby’s head to opposite side and repeat application in the other nostril


6.   Repeat the procedure if necessary


7.   Remove the vial from your baby’s nostril, return your baby to the upright position while allowing solution to work for a few seconds or more, and then wipe its nose clean.

In case of use with a nebulizing device, please follow the usage instructions of the corresponding device as provided by the manufacturer.

Use alone or together

If necessary, Sinomarin® Hypertonic Babies can be used together with medicated treatments to help improve their efficacy and decrease medicated treatment duration


•   For infants and babies

•   For nasal & nebulizing use


•   Drops (volume used can be controlled by parent i.e. drops to soften mucus or a larger volume for efficient cleansing)

•   5 ml vials

Instructions for use



Hypertonic sea water solution (2.3% NaCl), rich with the sea’s beneficial ingredients (mineral salts and trace elements), purified water


Use as per below or as per physician’s instructions.

•   A few drops in each nostril, 2 to 3 times daily. In cases of thick and excessive mucus, a larger volume may be safely introduced in each nostril.

•   In nebulized form, up to 5 ml 3 times daily. Sinomarin Babies can be combined with any type of nebulizing device.

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