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Designing the future 
of medical self-testing


Advent Life

Our ambition is to make healthcare widely accessible by empowering self-care globally.

Driven by our spirit of innovation, Advent Life specialises in self-tests for a wide range of medical conditions, while also offering other products that allow everyone to take health into their own hands. We enable people to take the first step themselves and at their own convenience.

Advent Life focuses on bringing the best from the world while prioritising safety and easy-to-use products. We design premium brands that are delivered to pharmacies, hospitals, laboratories, public organisations and government institutions.


Current scientific advancements in all types of medical devices are allowing for more accurate and non-invasive diagnostic health tests.

We believe that continuous quality growth of self-care devices is changing approaches to care so that more people can pre-screen specific health indicators independently and quickly.

We aim to provide everyone with personal, immediate and easy access to their medical information in an affordable and reliable way.

Because your health is in your hands.



Advent Life is a spin-off of Advent Group, a leading international company established in Paris in 2004 that developed offices and legal entities also in Sofia and Montreal, and registered its headquarters in London in 2022. 

Advent Group is committed to social responsibility, enabling access to quality international education and, now, healthcare while respecting the environment.

Underpinning Advent Group's culture has been our commitment to innovation and excellence, in tandem with an international mind-set and our overriding dedication to the clients' satisfaction and long-term partnerships.

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