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5 Steps to Select the Right PPE for Safety

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Covid-19 is here to stay. As the workforce adapts and learns how to cope with this new normal, organizations need to ensure safe and comfortable working conditions for everyone.

Find personal protective equipment (PPE) that is reliable and relevant to your organization. This five-step checklist will help you get started.

Establish your organizational needs

Before you can select and purchase the best PPE for your organization, you need to assess the needs of your workplace. Start with the basics and determine the answers to questions such as:

· Are there specific requirements related to the industry and sector you service?

· What is the type of work environment – office, manufacturing facility, healthcare facility, educational institution, etc.?

· What other safety measures do you have in place and how would they work in combination with the PPE you provide?

These factors will play a key role in selecting PPE that fits your workplace and boosts the safety and comfort onsite.

Think of the details

Once you have outlined the basic PPE requirements of your work setting, it’s time to focus on the details. Estimate the quantity of specific types of PPE that employees or stakeholders will need.

· How many protective face masks would you need to purchase for your employee base?

· Would you need different types of face masks or different sizes?

· For what period of time will they suffice before you have to purchase another batch?

Many PPE products such as fabric masks and hand sanitizer bottles can have your custom branding on them. Although this part of the process is not essential in ensuring workplace safety, personalization can be a strong asset in your organizational branding.

Check certifications

Certificates are an important seal of approval for the quality and safety of a product. PPE is designed to protect wearers from injury or infection, so purchasing certified PPE is a must to guarantee it is safe to use.

Some certifications have an expiration date and need to be renewed. Depending on the type of product, there might be new findings in the industry or recommendations from official institutions. This is why checking the time stamp of the certification is crucial.

Certifications can also vary by region. For PPE products produced and distributed in the European Union, it might be useful to check if the institution or laboratory that certified them is also located in the EU.

Select a reliable brand

Next to checking product certifications, getting to know the PPE provider in more detail can help you choose a reliable and authentic option.

· How many years of experience does the brand have on the market?

· How big is the team behind the brand and are they prepared to offer you full support in choosing the best PPE for your organization?

· Is the brand international or local? What regions does it service?

Ask for testimonials from other customers and check what types of organizations have already opted for this PPE provider. Even if this information is not available online, personal contact with brand representatives always helps to establish the potential of their products for your organizational needs.

Consult an expert

As there is a great variety of PPE for boosting workplace safety, selecting the right set of products can be a challenge. Individual assessment with an expert can help resolve it. As long as you have the essential information from step one – your organizational PPE needs – having a consultation will speed up the process.

Advent Life has a leading team of experts who are available to answer your PPE questions and guide you to the products that will best serve your organization.

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