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CRP-Screen Test

The C-Reactive Protein  (CRP) is a sensitive and fast appearing indicator used to diagnose bacterial infectious disease and inflammatory disorders which could therefore be helpful for deciding an antibiotic treatment.

Depending on the CRP concentration, different lines will appear allowing the semi-quantitative interpretation of the test result.

In healthy patients, CRP concentration is lower than 8mg/L while the concentration level can go higher than 100mg/L in case of severe infection or during inflammatory process. Intermediate levels, within 8 and 100mg/L, are concomitant with more or less mildly viral or bacterial infections that can be easily overcome by appropriate treatment ordered by your doctor.

CRP-Screen® test should be performed in the case of acute infection symptoms such as feverishness, fever, headaches or weakness.

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CRP-Screen Test

Clinical Evaluation Results

Accuracy: 98,94%

How to test yourself

1.    Read the instructions carefully.

2.    Wash your hands and dry them to warm them up.

3.    Use the lancet to take one blood drop. Fill the pipette up to the black line.

4.    Add the blood sample to the diluent dropper vial.

5.    Add exactly 4 drops of the mixed blood sample and diluent in the well on the cassette.

6.    Read the result after 5 minutes.



1 sealed aluminium pouch containing:

-  1 test device,

-  1 plastic capillary pipette and

-  1 desiccant bag.

1 sterile lancet for blood sampling.

1 diluent dropper vial of 3 mL of diluent.

1 instruction leaflet

Certificates and instructions for use



Results Interpretation

CRP level lower than

8 mg/L

CRP level in the range of 8 to 40mg/L

CRP level in the range of 40 to 100mg/L

CRP level over 100mg/L




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