Surgical Masks

- 3 layers
- Hypoallergenic
- Very breathable
- Adjustable nose strip
- High filtration capacity
- Perfect fit
- Melt-blown fabric (cannot burn)

Material: 3 layers: Non-woven polypropylene + Filter+
Non-woven polypropylene; Sterilised by ethylene oxide

Size: 175x95mm/145x95mm
Colour: white, blue

Usage: Intended for single use only; For use in factory,
home, clinic, hospital, pharmacy, restaurant, food
processing plant, beauty salon, electronics industry etc.


Packaging: 50 pieces per box

Supplied with:
- A certificate for non-woven fabric made of 100%
polypropylene: 16.HBG.89637
-A certificate with the following scope:
manufacturing and wholesale supply of uniforms, special
protective and working clothes, complete
equipment for special establishments and
branded textiles


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