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Serix FFP2 Masks

FFP2 Masks

Five-layer colourful FFP2 masks

Protective FFP2 masks have a design that fits tightly to the face and very effectively filters airborne particles. They are suitable for medical and daily use.

They have a traditional flared shape, with a nose clip and a double elastic ear design.

The masks in this package do not contain glass fibres, latex or other allergens. They have high bacterial filtration.

Serix FFP2 Masks

Product description

BFE filter ≥94%/double filter

Size: 15.5 cm / 12 cm

Colours: white, blue, black, green

Instructions for use


5 layers

  1. 50 g of non-woven fabric

  2. 25 g of melted textile

  3. 50 g cotton with hot air

  4. 25 g of melted textile

    5. 30 g of non-woven fabric; a nose clip that prevents air from escaping.

  1. Wash your hands with soap and water or a hydroalcoholic solution.

  2. Open the mask and find the nose clip on top.

  3. Grab and attach to the face.

  4. Position it so the clip fits snugly over the nose and place the elastics behind the ears.

  5. Make sure the mask is fitted correctly, fits snugly over the nose, covers the mouth and chin. After each use, dispose of the mask in a closed bin. Wash your hands with soap and water or a hydroalcoholic solution after using the mask.

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