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Serix Gloves

Latex Gloves

Disposable latex gloves

The main advantages of latex gloves are their high elasticity and durability, without detracting from the necessary touch sensitivity during high-precision manipulations.

Disposable latex gloves are made of natural rubber latex. They protect both the wearer and the object being handled as they act as a barrier that helps prevent infection. They are widely used in medical facilities and laboratories.

This product is suitable for healthcare professionals who require reliable hand hygiene when interacting with patients.

Serix Latex Gloves

Product description

  • Colour - white

  • Ambidextrous (suitable for both hands), powder-free, odourless

  • Non-sterile

  • They contain natural latex

  • They protect against contamination with bacteria and fungi

  • Soft and comfortable to use

  • Rough on the fingers for a firmer grip, with a cuff for easy fit and anti-slip

  • Available in sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL


  • Medical facilities

  • Dental centres

  • Laboratories

  • Hotels, restaurants, supermarkets

  • Taste industry

  • Hair salons, beauty studios, beauty studios, tattoo studios, etc.

  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • Chemical industry

  • Veterinary clinics

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