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Reusable Face Mask - Rectangular


- Usable in any kind of environment

- Soft and protective material

- Certificate for accreditation based on test report issued by ALMI TEST testing center N9001819214505/06.04.2020

- Water-resistant outer layer

- CE certified


100% polypropylene;

3 layers with water-resistant outer layer; sewn on all sides, or on three sides

Size: Length: 175mm. Width: 94mm


Weight: 25:25:40g/m2 (40g on the outside)


Colour: White or blue, with or without clips


Usage: Can be washed


Compliance: AFNOR recommendation


Production: 500,000 per week. Small quantities + 0,2 cts/U

Supplied with:

-Certificate for non-woven fabric made of 100% polypropylene: 06.MO.41419

-Certificate with the following scope: manufacturing and wholesale supply of uniforms, special protective and working clothes, complete equipment for special establishments and branded textiles

AFNOR certification

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