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Protective and Permanent Mask

Duck and rectangular shape

2 lays cotton plus filters

Filter protection 98%

Several months of use


- Breathing without restrictions

- Very soft material

- Covers face according to CDC rules

- Comfortable fit against the side of the face

- Secured with ear loops

- Can be laundered and machine dried without

damage or change to the shape

Material: Cotton inside, polyester treated anti-bacterial and water-resistant outside + one opening inside for additional renewable filter

Size: length approximately 175mm / width:
approximately 145mm

Colour: white, colours on demand

Membrane: filters sold separately

Usage: Retains integrity for up to 30 washing cycles

Production: 200 000 per week

Supplied with: Certificate OEKO-TEX
Certificate with the following scope:
manufacturing and wholesale of uniform, special
protective and working clothes, complete
equipment for special establishments and
advertising textiles

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