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We, Advent Life Ltd, UIC 206914588, as the owners of the domain and users of use cookies or similar tools to improve our website and make it more convenient and helpful for you, our users.

The basis for processing data when using cookies is your consent, given via the corresponding button when you first visit the site. However, in order for this consent to be informed, let us tell you a little more about cookies in general.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small packet of information sent from a web server to an Internet browser, and then returned by the browser each time it accesses that server. Cookies are not programs and cannot be executed as code or carry viruses - instead, cookies function more like a passport that the page checks and updates each time you visit it. Cookies are used to store information on the client's web browser.

Many internet browsers support cookies. Users can change the settings of the browser they are interacting with and block certain types or all cookies. Users can delete their cookies from their browser settings at any time. The functions of “cookies” include verifying your identity for security purposes, determining the type of browser and settings you use, or allowing website owners and third-party advertisers to tailor content to your preferences. “Cookies” are managed by your browser. Each “cookie” is unique and contains anonymous information such as a unique identifier, page name, numbers and letters. Cookies allow a website to remember your browsing preferences and make it easier for you to use the websites you visit.


Why do we use cookies?

We use cookies to understand how you interact with the content and features we provide.

This information enables us to successfully maintain, develop it, make it more user-friendly and more helpful to you.  

We also use cookies for security reasons, to ensure the integrity of the data entering the site, and for the purposes of the proper functioning of the site.

Types of cookies

Cookies are divided into:

a/ Necessary - these cookies are required to enable the use of a site's basic functions, such as providing a secure login or adjusting user consent preferences. These cookies do not store any personal data.

b/ Analytical - these cookies are used to collect information about how visitors interact with the website. These cookies help to provide information on metrics such as number of visitors to the site, visitor churn, traffic source, etc.

c/ Functional - these cookies help to perform certain functions such as sharing website content on social media platforms, collecting feedback and other third party functions.

d/ Performance cookies - these cookies are used to understand and analyse the key performance indicators of the website, which helps in providing a better user experience to the visitors;

e/ Advertising cookies - these cookies are used to provide visitors with personalised advertisements based on the pages they have previously visited and to analyse the effectiveness of advertising campaigns;


Cookies are also divided into our cookies and foreign cookies.

Our cookies are divided into two types: session cookies (those that are temporary and are used to remember you while using the website and expire after a certain amount of time without interaction with the website) and persistent cookies (those that remain permanently on the device from which you use the website). The main purpose of persistent cookies is to ensure the proper functioning of the system, and they can only be read by the website we maintain.

  When using certain features on the site, such as accessing links external to, a foreign cookie may be added to your device. By accessing links external to, you make requests to the corresponding foreign websites, which often leads to the creation of so-called foreign cookies. These cookies are not owned by the rights holders of and are managed by the persons/organisations whose link you have accessed. These persons/organisations set these “cookies” and may recognise your computer both when you visit the relevant website or service and when you visit other websites or services.      


What cookies we use on the website

1. WIX cookies

We use these cookies for security purposes, to identify unique visitors and track a visitor's session on the site, as well as to load balance the site to improve the user experience, and measure the stability and performance of the website.

2. Google Analytics cookies

We use these cookies to understand how much, when and how you use to help us improve it and make it more user-friendly and intuitive. We use Google Analytics ( for this purpose. Through this we get statistics such as: which pages are our most visited, which are the busiest time ranges, which are the most used features, the way the site was found, and which you prefer to use most often, to understand how we can improve them. The cookie stores information anonymously and assigns a randomly generated number to identify unique visitors.

IMPORTANT: Our site does not allow Google Analytics to collect and store absolutely no personal data that could lead to the precise and unambiguous identification of a user.


3. Facebook cookies


This cookie allows the visitor, after visiting and accepting the cookies used by the site, to be shown ads when the visitor is on Facebook or another digital platform supported by Facebook.


Deleting cookies

You can disable or block all or specific types of cookies. Note that most browsers accept cookies automatically and if you do not want cookies to be used, you may need to delete or block cookies manually.

If you disable cookies, you will still be able to visit, but some features may not work properly.

You can also visit for details on how to delete or disable cookies and for additional general information about cookies.


By using and its adjacent subdomains (if any) without deleting or disabling some or all cookies, you agree that we may place cookies that you have not deleted or disabled on your device.


This Cookie policy for was adopted by Advent Life Ltd on March 1, 2023.

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