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BE KLEAN - Hand Hygiene Technology

Be Klean is a new patented technology from Health Swisstech SA, designed to reduce the transmission of diseases and contamination by touch.


- It improves the efficiency of hand disinfection

- It encourages people, through its simplicity, to disinfect hands more often

- It reduces the costs caused by the impact of infections and operational costs


How it works?
It automatically applies a thin layer of hydro-alcoholic liquid on the hands when placed in the device. Its bio-film disinfects hands to reduce viruses and bacteria almost 100%.


Where to place it?

Placing Be Klean in visible locations will increase awareness and
usage, reducing the harmful effects of germs.

- Medical or health centers
- Food preparation areas and commercial kitchens
- Offices and commercial areas
- All public and/or private premises

- Bathrooms and toilets

- Restaurant starters

- Schools

Proven effectiveness



A research group of 20 people was tested by taking bacteriological samples by careful rubbing on their hands before using the Be Klean spraying technology. This sampling process was repeated after spraying. The two samples were incubated at 37 degrees for 48 hours.


The results indicate that all of the first samples showed microbial growth, while only two of the second samples, after spraying, showed growth, and at significantly lower rates.

Fogging the hands with a 30:70 hydro-alcoholic solution considerably reduces bacterial growth and cancels its development in almost 100% of cases.

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