Sanitizing Gel


- Easily covers the skin, quickly absorbed

- Softens and refreshes the skin

- No sticky feeling after application

- Doesn’t cause irritation after multiple applications

- Ethanol contents 70%

Packing: 3 ml (sachet mono-dose), 500ml (bottle cap/pump), 1L (bottle cap/pump), 5L (canister)


Flexible pricing for volumes; With or without pump; Customizable brand sticker


Ingredients per 100g: 70% Ethyl alcohol (CAS 64-17-5), skin softener, gel-forming polymer (no colorants or perfume composition)


Spectrum of activity: Bactericidal (incl. MRSA), viruidal (HBV/HIV/HCV and shelled viruses such as COVID 19) and fungicidal

Method of application: Gel is applied undiluted; disinfection is done by rubbing 3ml into the hands for the recommended exposure time


Usage: Surgical hand disinfection; hygienic hand disinfection in hospitals and healthcare institutions, public and commercial establishments, food processing industry, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, veterinary practices, and households


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