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Medical Face Mask - FFP2


- Laboratory tested

- FFP2 category

- Durable, reliable

- Suitable for all types of work

- Protects from solid and non-volatile particles

- Meets clogging resistance requirements

- Effective filtration with low breathing resistance for consistent high-quality performance

- 5 layers | 25 gsm x 50 gsm x 25 gsm x 25 gsm x 25 gsm

- Particle size fractions 0.6–2.1 m


5-ply | 1st- 45 gsm spundbond, 2nd layer hot air cotton, 3rd and 4th meltblown filter, 5th 2gms spundbond

Shape: Traditional convex shape, with a nose clip and twin strap design.

Colour: white inside / white outside

Production: 100,000 available on stock in Germany and France

from 50,000 to 200,000 per week

Usage: All including medical; reusable

Packaging: Each box contains 20 FFP2 masks, each mask packed separately in a plastic bag with a barcode. The plastic bags also contain printed instructions for storage and use

Approvals: CE | EN149-2001 + A1: 2009 | ISO 9001

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