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Heavy Duty PE Apron

- High level of protection
- Integrated head hole and waist band ensure
a secure fit
- Packed flat in poly bags to meet multiple
dispensing requirements
- CE certified

Material: polythene, 15 gr 

Size: 76x147cm/30x58”(green), 69x117cm/
27x46”(white, blue)

Colour: blue, green

Usage: Engineering and Manufacturing, Food
Manufacturing and Prep, Janitorial, Medical,
Vet, Dental, Pharmaceutical, Hair and Beauty,
Waste Management and Local authority

Production: several million per month


50 aprons per pack/5 packs per case;
100 aprons per pack/5 rolls per case


Supplied with: A certificate with the following scope:
manufacturing and wholesale of uniform,
special protective and working clothes,
complete equipment for special
establishments and advertising textiles

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