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Sanitizing Gels, Soaps, Wipes

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Gel Disinfectant Fresh Up

Softens and refreshes skin, quick absorption, doesn’t harm the skin after multiple applications...

Gel Disinfectant

Easily covers the skin, quickly absorbed; Softens and refreshes the skin ..

Antibacterial Wet Wipes

Individual use and sterilised, Personalisation of your brand...

BioFresh Hand Gels.JPG
Hand sanitizer for intensive cleaning Biofresh Protect

Contains 74% ethanol. Has a protective, cleansing and refreshing effect and does not need washing.

Deep Cleansing Soaps Biofresh Protect

Cleansing Soap with rose & silver water. Gently protects the skin and leaves incredible scent behind.

Antibacterial Wet Wipes and Gel for single usе FLOMO

Safely Saturated with 70% Alcohol; Containing aloe extract and glycerin. Effective against viruses and microbes. 

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