Cotton Washable Mask Duck Shape 2 layers

Tested by official French organization IFTH norm DGA

Duck shape

Certified for 40 washes

87% filtration

Cotton, micropolyester waterproof

Colours and branding options


- Breathing without restrictions

- Very soft material

- Covers face according to CDC rules

- Comfortable fit against the side of the face

- Secured with ear loops

- Can be laundered and machine dried without damage or change to the shape

Material: 2 layers: 

100% Cotton

Micropolyester waterproof



71% protection 3 microns

87% protection 3 microns after 20 washes

Colour: White; more colours on demand, branding with logos

Size: M and L

Production: 100,000 per month

Supplied with:

Certificates OEKO-TEX for the materials.

Test reports from IFTH


Mask compatible with category II ​norm DGA to be worn by all members of a group to protect the entirety of the group.